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Many people wanted to connect with James Gandolfini though the actor preferred privacy to the spotlight. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and memories on this page to continue the global love for a great actor and warm human being.


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  1. My BF couldn’t believe I did not see the Sopranos (me being from Philly)—so a few months ago we embarked on our Soprano marathon. I was in awe and on some nights insisted we watch three episodes. I thought about the show and Tony more than I realized…asked my BF to come home from work early so we could start watching. When he sent me the text that Jim died, I was honestly in shock for a few days. I have never been so drawn-in, absorbed by an actor…he was larger than life, gave it all…and the more I read about him as a person, the greater his passing feels. Thanks for this site….and thank you Jim for your generosity and commitment to your art. RIP

    • I fill the same way, I am just starting the 6th season and was also in shock when I heard he died and of all things buried on my birthday.

  2. Ahhhh….the emotion. What a sweetheart he was. And a talent! I’ve always wondered how he felt at that acting class he got talked into attending by a friend- how he felt when he felt it rise within him to act. We’ll never know, I guess. Good thing he went there on a whim. So self-modest, like the Virgo he is/was-with the classic perfectionism and attention to the smallest detail in his acting skill. We love you, always. Good Bye and thanks for enriching our lives.

  3. rip james gandolfini just wanna say thank you for getting me through bad depressing times!!!you played mob boss to a tee!!!i must have watch sopranos box set at least ten times n can still watch it!!!times iv been down n couple of episodes of sopranos n im will be missed very much as you are a legend!!!!!

  4. This news killed me inside… One of my favorite TV shows of all time, one of my favorite actors, and to learn how much of a family man and all around great guy he was makes this even harder to swallow… RIP big guy, you are and always will be missed… I’m glad you were able to make an impression in this world to be able to have people from all over the world say wonderful things about you, and that says a lot…

  5. Really so sad over the passing of James Gandolfini!! He was the best actor our family really enjoyed him! Besides being a great family man he was a really gentle giant. Of all the actors out there he would of been the one I would of loved to meet! RIP James (TONY SOPRANO) Gandolfini!!

  6. i was so shocked and really sad to hear James {Tony} had died. The sopranos was my favourite tv show , i will miss u xxx

  7. it’s hard to stop thinking about him and feeling depressed. don’t think i can watch the Soprano’s DVDs ever again.

    • Never watch the Soprano’s DVDs again? That’s not a typical reaction for most fans. That’s the best way to remember him, along with watching anything else he ever performed in.

  8. Tony Soprano made me really want to connect with New Jersey, where my family is from. Being of Italian descent, I was proud to have somebody like James Gandolfini, another New Jersey boy as Tony Soprano. I hate the fact that I’ll never meet you, and now every time I watch the Sopranos, it will be with a little twinge of sadness when you’re on the screen. Good bye friend. Wish you could’ve stayed a lot longer.

  9. RIP James Gandolfini,Thank you for being a great actor.I remember when the Sopranos were filming on Route 46 in Totowa NJ when Tony and Carmela had gotten pullover by Charles Dutton and seeing way the actors interact after the seen was like seeing a family gather.

  10. I can’t get him off my mind. I am still reeling from the shock. My heart breaks for his son who found him collapsed and for little Liliana who will never get to know her father and what a wonderful, caring, compassionate man he was. I miss him and I’ve never even met him. I’ll never forget him and the day he passed away. RIP James, we all love you dearly.

  11. Dear james gandolfini. Your passing has broken my heart. You are amazingly talented and made Toni saprano real. I also loved your character in the movie with Ben affleck. Tonight my husband wanted to watch sapranos and I’m not ready. It hurts, for some reason you were so full of life to me and its hard to believe you are gone. My heart goes out to your friends family and loved ones tomorrow at the service. You left us too soon……
    Niki lane

  12. mi mas sentido pésame que dios te tenga en su gloria sr james gandolfin un gran actor con gran personalidad te vamos a extrañar

  13. Seeing the Sopranos cast together today was bitter sweet– nice to see them gathered together again, but sad that it was to say their final farewell to their friend. I can’t believe how much I feel a part of the loss. Not knowing this man at all– only his superb work, but I am truly saddened by the fact that he is longer with us. May God be with his wife, kids and extended family members during this difficult time. I will miss him so much, but I will never stop watching his work. R.I.P. JG. One Love.

  14. I see that the love and respect shown for Mr. Gandolfini by so many who have never actually met him but feel they know him as family is a great way of showing just how much he has touched so many in so many ways. To never have met him, but feel he was a friend in your heart, and a loss was felt in his passing. His characters were mostly the bad guy, but you could always see that gentle spirit inside him as the man I’m sure his family has always seen him as. I was surprised and tearful on hearing of his death. I smiled in knowing he was a Virgo as I am, because to me that explained his tenderness that I saw, even though on the outside he looked the part of the tough guy. You will be missed…..

  15. How tragic, how tragic. I was so shocked to hear of his passing. I thought of his son and I thought of his baby girl. I know that he is in a good place. Its for those who are left behind that I am sad for. I great man for sure. He will be missed.

  16. Your legacy is your body of work, your charitable contributions, your humanity, humility, compassion and kindness. Your spirit will live on

  17. Mr.James (“Tony”) you are always in my mind… I am from Syberia and i don`t know you as James , but i know you as Tony from great film… this film would be empty without you…

  18. My daughter and I had a wonderful “Sopranos Summer.”. All I can say now is “wow”! What a legacy. All of the wonderful things people have said and written are so true … I’m just saying’. You will live on in our hearts and minds forever.

  19. Thanks for everything Jim. You were an incredible person, truly bigger than life. I think of you often. Rest easy big guy.

  20. RIP, truly a man among men. Sometimes when i watch The Sopranos i forget it’s a tv show and i miss you like i knew you. Cheers, peace and love to your family and friends.

  21. This is a nice site and a nice tribute to one of the best actors of our time.

    May I suggest this site add some sort of “Signature” page, where people can write their name to pay their respects. It would be awesome to collect millions of names of the fans who want to pay some respect (and it would bring attention to this web site).

    • That’s a very nice idea. We do have this Message Board that I’m thinking of retitling Memory Board or something. You can also make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project on the Offerings page which meant a lot to Jim, and also help with site costs at that same link. Your voice can be heard here though!

  22. It´s so sad. I´ve been from germany and saw the Sopranos 20-30 times, again and again. Somebody of my “family” left. I´am still so sad!

  23. I watched the entire series just before he died. I know I’ll watch it again but I’m not ready right now It’s too soon. It still hurts.

  24. Will always be the best actor and producer in my eyes, a true actor power presence and passion is what made james one of the best “the boss” he certainly was. A true great sadly gone but certainly not forgotten, good night boss

  25. You were a great actor but most importantly an amazing human being. You will be missed and we kind of feel cheated of your talent.

    You were a great actor and more importantly an amazing and caring human being. You will be missed terribly!

  26. I am saddened by the passing of this great actor. You gave your all to your characters and brought them to life. We will truly miss you, your talent and most of all the man that you were. God Bless. We will always keep you in our hearts.

  27. Это ужасно! Жизнь так мимолетна… Этот человек, для меня был образцом жизни! Скорблю, соболезнования родным…

  28. You truly are the definition of a “mans” “man”. You stood tall and helped many people in your day. You were a tower of strength from what I gather through the media. I was and still am a dedicated “Soprano’s” watcher. I can recite all of your lines word for word in the drop of a hat. That’s how powerful your words, actions and persona were on the set. You make people want to live through your eyes. I feel as if I knew you and that you were a dear friend of mine. It’s amazing how powerful TV can be. You truly will be missed and the community suffers a tremendous loss. Be well and God bless you and may the powers above look over your son and your family. In the words of Tony Soprano, “It’s a difficult situation”…… Ciao my friend…..

  29. Coming up on the year anniversary of Mr. Gandolfini’s death, very sad indeed. I concur with all of the above sentiments, and hope that his son and daughter know how much the world loved the man. It won’t replace him, but maybe knowing that will give his family strength. RIP

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